Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting Organized: FREE Thematic Graphic Organizers for the Teacher

I made these pages to help me get more organized. I use thematic teaching in my 1st grade class, and I sometimes forget what materials I have for each theme. Hopefully these pages will keep me more organized in the years to come. I have included 4 pages:

Page 1: Theme Name, Connections with Language Arts, Math, Science/Social Studies, and Arts/Craft

Page 2: Essential Questions, Vocabulary Words/Terms, and Teaching Strategies

Page 3: Materials (Books, Posters/Charts, Manipulatives, Websites, and Miscellaneous)

Page 4: Centers (2 sections to list activities for Literacy and Math Centers)

I am leaving this product as a power point presentation so you can edit to meet your needs.

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