Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Measurement

It's pumpkin time!  My first graders have been learning about pumpkins for the past week and we are continuing with the theme this week.  One of my favorite activities is to measure pumpkins.  Usually I will buy a class supply of mini pumpkins, but this year I had students each bring in their own pumpkins.  So we had a lot of different shapes and sizes, plus we even had a white pumpkin.  I typed up some quick and easy measurement worksheets to use.  I had my students use Unifix cubes to measure the height of their pumpkins, then use the other items to measure the cubes.  For measuring how big around their pumpkins were, I measured each pumpkin with yarn and cut it for the students to measure.  Click here to get a set for your class.  I hope you and your students enjoy these!  Happy Halloween!


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