Thursday, July 28, 2011

Math Journals

     Every year, I make math journals for my students.  I realized several years ago that my students were not using a whole notebook so I decided to do something about it.  I decided to cut the spiral-bound notebooks in half!  I spend half the money and they take up half as much space, plus they’re the perfect size for my first-graders.

     To start, I buy the notebooks at Wal-mart.  They cost 20 cents apiece, and I needed 12 books to make enough for 24 students.  So I only spent $2.40 for this year’s supply.  Usually I buy the notebooks in 1 color, but this year I decided to live dangerously and buy 4 different colors.  I’m wild that way.


     To make the notebooks, I start by taking the first page and find the line that falls in the middle and cut all the way across.  This is my guideline for cutting the rest of the pages and cover.




It takes a little work and time to make, but the math journals are really worth it. 


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