Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Box

Something I like to do for my kiddos is to make them feel extra special on their birthdays.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t like to celebrate their own special day?  Several years ago I made a birthday box and my kids have absolutely loved it.  I took an old box that our copy paper came in and covered it with “Happy Birthday” wrapping paper.  At first, I used a stapler, but after getting poked by staples I quickly figured out that using a hot glue gun works much better.  I have had to rewrap my box a couple times since the original.  Here is this year’s birthday box.DSC01195


I make little goodie bags before school starts with little goodies from the Dollar Tree.  I usually include an activity booklet, a stencil, a Happy Birthday pencil, and a pair of cool sunglasses.  This year I have my cute little pirate cups to keep the goodies in.



I also keep a supply of books in the birthday box so each child can pick a book for their special day.  I have gotten these books from yard sales, used book stores, and with my bonus points from my Scholastic book club orders.  It’s amazing how getting these little things can make a child’s special day even more special.


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