Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blog Hoppin

Just wanted to let you guys know about Blog Hoppin’ – “a new teacher blog authored by some of your favorite teacher bloggers and dedicated to creating a virtual smorgasbord of the best in the business. We’re committed to providing you with posts about, links to, and recommendations for the best teaching resources on the internet.”



This year’s Teacher Week will run August 22-26th, with each day dedicated to a post related to all-things educational. We’d love for you to post along with us on your own blog and then link up here!

Below you will find a description of each day…

- Meet the Teacher Monday – Introductions, please! Tell us all about you!

- Teacher Talk Tuesday – A day dedicated to providing advice for new teachers :)

- Where it All Goes Down Wednesday – Pictures, please! Show us your classroom!

- Three for Thursday – Link to your favorite font, favorite blog, and favorite online resource.

- Free for All Friday – Everyone loves a freebie! Link up with a printable that you’ve created and would like to share out with the teaching community.

Sounds like a great place to meet some dedicated teachers and get some great teaching tips and ideas. 

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