Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

1.  Be flexible!  There are so many times when things don't go as planned, so just smile and go with the flow.  It will be ok.

2. If you don't know, ask somebody.  You never realize how much nonteaching time you will have.  All the little things add up, so it's good to have an experienced teacher to help show you the ropes and fill you in.
3. Be a great communicator!  Communicate clearly and often.  Let your parents know what skills you are working on, how their child is doing, what they can do to help at home, etc.
4. Be strict from the start.  It is easier to lighten up on the kids later than it is to try to gain control after being more relaxed.
5. Look for ideas everywhere!  On the internet, in teaching publications, from colleagues.  I love to find new ideas and strategies to use in my classroom.
6. Learn from it!  You will never have a 1st year of teaching again, and you will learn so much and gain so much confidence.
7. Enjoy it!

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